About Us

Belgium Data Recovery has always been about helping people.

When we founded the company, we knew from the start that we wanted to provide data recovery services not only to businesses and public organizations, but also to private individuals. These days, everyone from governments to families owns irreplaceable information, whether for running the country or “only” keeping track of how fast their kids grow up. We felt that when something goes wrong, everyone should have access to quick, professional, cost-effective data recovery facilities.

Our belief in those principles has led to constant investment in the latest data recovery technology and expertise. Today, we offer our customers friendly, state-of-the-art, affordable data recovery services, regardless of whether they are major corporations or families, and for almost every device and operating system.

Brussels – unique location

Belgium Data Recovery Services is based in Brussels, which is both the capital of Belgium and the location of the official seats of the European Commission, European Council and Council of the European Union, as well as a seat of the European Parliament. Consequently a great deal of extremely important information is accessed and stored in Brussels on a daily basis. What location could be more appropriate for a leading belgium data recovery company?

Naturally, we provide top-quality data recovery solutions for all governmental organizations, as well as businesses. And we are proud of our contribution to keeping these important institutions functioning smoothly by restoring lost documents. But we are equally honored to help families and individuals recover precious home movies or unique holiday photos.

For us at Belgium Data Recovery, the customer always comes first. Data loss can be devastating, and we are dedicated to restoring your information as quickly as possible, for an affordable price.

High-quality service

The starting point for our data recovery process is an investigation of the data storage medium to get a clear idea of the extent of the problem. We provide you with a quotation that clearly sets out what data we expect to recover, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and what we need to proceed. If you’re happy with this, we carry out the data recovery. Naturally, we charge you nothing if you decide not to go ahead, or we are unable to retrieve your data. We know how important your information is to you, and we always strive to retrieve as much data as possible. Unfortunately sometimes this is not possible even for our experts.